Curbside Metal & Household Item Pickup / Recycling in Victoria, BC

Malahat Melals offers residents and businesses alike the ability to have Curbside metal and recyclable pickup. Are you in the process of a garage clean up and need to get rid of old scrap metal? You would be suprised how much of your old junk can be recycled. Everything from old bicycles, fitness equipment, electronics, car batteries, door handles, hinges, heaters, stoves & more. See a full list of accepted items. Don't see your item on our list? Give us a call or email, and we can let you know for sure if it can be picked up or not.

Please Note: There is Curbside pickup fee of 15 dollars that will be required, payed by Visa or MasterCard before pickup.

How to dispose of your old car battery in victoria , BC

Looking to get rid of your old car or truck battery in Victoria, BC? We offer FREE battery drop off at our Malahat Metals location. Our bin is located directly infront of the gates at Malahat Auto Parts. Labeled "Metal drop off - Batteries & Electronics" View a map of our drop off area It couldn't be easier. No hassles. Simply drop off your old battery at your convenience and that's it!

Curbside Pickup

Call us before you head to the dump

Before you haul all your junk to the localdump, give Malahat Metal Recycling a call. We can tell you exactly which of your items we can recycle and come pick up as part of our curbside pickup program. We even PAY you for a certain items, including old catalytic converters, aluminium rims and more. Call or Email us for more details & info.

Cleaning your house

Malahat Metal Recycling can help

Are you doing a big home / house orgarage clean up? Call or Email before you take your junk to the dump. We offer Curbside Pickup on a huge amount of house hold products you didn't even know you could recycle. From appliances and old golf clubs, to fitness equipment & propane tanks, Malahat Metal Recycling can help you recycle the right way.

Garage Sales

Are you having a garage sale?

After a big garage sale you might want to get rid of anything that didn't sell. That old set of golf clubs that didn’t sell? Give us a Call or Email, Malahat Metal Recycling & Disposal in Victoria can pickup for With our curbside pickup program. So before making a trip to the local dump, give us a Call or Email and utllize our curb sidepickup.

Call or Email us to schedule a pick up for your recyclable items

Accepted Materials

List of our accepted materials / goods

Not sure what types of metal we accept at our Victoria, BC location or during one of our curbside pick ups? View our list of accepted and non-accepted goods.

Curbside Pickup

More info on our curbside pickup

Malahat Metal Recycling offers Curbside pickup on various types and quantites of metals & other household golds. Washing Machines, Dryers & other types of appliances. Find out more.

Contact Us

Phone, Email & Drop off info

Do you have questions not answered here? Give us a call or email and one of out friendly staff can fill you in.