Green in your community

Metal recycling is becoming a more green alternative as it dramaticaly reduces pollution and other harmfull effects associated with mining new metals. We work with many retailers in the Victoria area to safely remove their scrap metals.

We are strong supports of local business, which is why are are proud to offer recycling pick-up services to many retailers and garages. Malahat Metal allows you to keep your metal recycling Island based. Give us a call today!

Types of metal recycling

We can recycle most metals and more, such as:

  • - Copper, Steel, Brass, Lead, Aluminum
  • - Batteries, Radiators
  • - Aluminum wheels
Scrap / Junk vehicle hauling and removal in Victoria, BC

We can pick up your metal!

Depending on the quantity of metal you have, we can schedule to have your metals picked up by one of our friendly and helpfull staff members.

For more info, please call us @ 778-977-1333

For smaller quantities of metal, you can drop off your scrap metal at our facilities!

Our Location:
232 Trans-Canada Highway,
Malahat, BC V0R 2L0 View google map.

Free metal drop off - Including car & truck batteries and electronics

We offer FREE metal drop off. Looking to get rid of your old car or truck battery? Not a problem, we provide free car & truck battery recycling. Our facilities are now equiped to offer electronics recycling. You can drop off your old electronics, knowing Malahat Metal recycles them in an environmentally friendly way.

We're located at: 232 Trans-Canada Highway, Malahat, BC V0R 2L0 - View google map.

Fundraising - Doing our part to help the local community

Malahat Metals is proud to be a part of the local Victoria and surrounding communities. We strongly believe in helping out local organizations, which is why we are excited to announce our "Scrap Metal fundraising" program.

Fore more information, please view our Scrap Metal Fundraising page.

Malahat Metals - Scrap metal recycling, removal & disposal

We have been serving Victoria and parts of Vancouver Island for over 12 years. Our auto wrecking division of Malahat Auto Parts has been disposing and recycling of various car metals. We adhere to strict recycling standards such as "Clear Air Foundation Mercury Switch" to ensure chemicals and other fluids are recycled. The same standards apply to our scrap metal division, ensuring your metals are handled in a green and environmentally friendly way.


We utilize the team at Malahat Metal to remove our scrap metal recycling, ensuring our scrap metal is recycled properly. This is important to both ourselves and our customers.

Lyle Warren,
Store Manager Canadian TIre 369 Royal Oak